How can I help you?

I cannot login. (My Handai, KOAN, CLE, etc.)

I have forgotten my password or Personal ID.
For the procedure for reissuing your password, please go here .

MFA registration problem

When changing a smartphone
I can't use my Authenticator app code after changing my smartphone.
If you purchase a new smartphone, you need to register for MFA again. Please read MFA Reregistration for details.

My Handai app
The Authenticator, which used to be able to authenticate MFA, suddenly stopped authenticating. I can use MyHandai app.
When you open the MyHandai app, select "Confirm MFA registration" -> "Change to MyHandai app", the MFA will be transferred to MyHandai app and the Authenticator will be disabled. When logging in systems, please tap "Settings" -> "Show MFA Authentication Code" in the MyHandai app to get the authentication code.

I keep failing to register many times
I am trying to register for MFA. I'm trying to scan the QR code and enter the verification code, but it keeps failing.
It is also related to the clock on the device. If the clock is off, please adjust it. If you fail MFA registration, check time and date setting of your smartphone. Please check Set automatically. Evenif the setting is on, please check it off and check it on again, and restart your smartphone.

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