Campus-wide IT Authentication Platform Service in Osaka University

Re-registration procedure for changing new smartphone


1) Install "Microsoft Authenticator app".

Microsoft Authenticator

2) After the installation, tap "Add account" in the Microsoft Authenticator app (or tap "+" or "..." button in the upper right corner, and if you already have an "osaka-u personal ID" account, please delete it).

3) Tap the account (Google, Facebook, etc) , the camera will start.


pc PC

4) Log in to the re-registration URL
For on-campus network:Log in using your Osaka University Personal ID and password.
For off-campus network:After entering your Osaka University Personal ID and password, proceed to "Temporary release" and log in using the temporary release code. If you forget the temporary release code, you need to reset MFA ⇒ Click here

5) Scan the QR code displayed at the MFA registration page. See "MFA registration" screen below.

6) Enter the 6-digit code displayed in the app in the "Authentication code (for confirmation)" box and click "Check." (It is not yet completed just clicking "check" button. Make sure to proceed 7) below.)

7) Register a numerical passcode created by yourself in "Temporary release code". Please re-type the code in "Temporary release code (again)" areas and click "Confirm".

8) MFA registration is completed. Please close your browser.

Microsoft Authenticator

Click here for registration details.