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About the Academic Access Management Federation in Japan

The Academic Access Management Federation in Japan (GakuNin)is a federation consisting of universities, who are users of academic e-resources, and organizations like publishers, who are providers of such e-resources. By mutually trusting rules/policy stipulated by the Federation, organizations will be able to utilize federated access between each other.

Once the federated authentication is put into place, it will enable on-campus Single Sign-On (the mechanism where a single ID and password permit a user to access all systems). It will also create an environment where a user can access other university and commercial services using a single password and without the need to re-enter the ID or password.

Method of login to Service Providers(SP) with Gakunin service

Available Services for Osaka University members(These manuals are written in Japanese)

E-Journal and Database
Elsevier ScienceDirect Manual
Reaxys Manual
SciVal Manual
NII CiNii Research [NEW!] Manual
Springer SpringerLink Manual
CUP Cambridge Core (Journal and eBook) Manual
EBSCO EBSCO host Manual
IOP IOPscience Manual
Karger S.Karger AG Manual
Nature Publishing Group Nature Publishing Group Manual
Ovid OvidSP Manual
Kenkyusha Co.,Ltd. KOD Manual
Royal Society of Chemistry RSC Publishing Manual
Thomson Reuters Web of Science Manual
SUNMEDIA PierOnline Manual
MARUZEN-YUSHODO Co.,Ltd. Maruzen eBook Library Manual
Publishing Technolog AIP Scitation Manual
Annual Reviews Annual Reviews Manual
The Johns Hopkins University Press Project MUSE Manual
ProQuest LLC ProQuest Manual
Thieme Publishing Group (Georg Thieme Verlag KG) Thieme E-Products Manual
John Wiley & Sons WILEY ONLINE LIBRARY Manual
NetAdvance Inc. JapanknowledgeLib. Manual
NPO Japan Medical Abstracts Society Ichushi-Web Manual
Meteo Inc. Medical*Online Manual
Oxford University Press OUP Journal Manual
Cengage Learning Gale Primary Sources
Clarivate Analytics InCites Journal Citation Reports
InCites Essential Science Indicators
The Chemical Society of Japan CSJ Journals Manual
American Anthropological Association AnthroSource Manual
Cochrane Cochrane Library Manual
紀伊國屋書店(株式会社インフォシティ) KinoDen Manual
ProQuest ProQuest Ebook Central
AACS(American Association for the Advancement of Science) Science Manual
JoVE JoVE Manual
American Chemical Society ACS Publications
Taylor & Francis Taylor & Francis Online Manual
Emerald Publishing Emerald Insight Manual
*When you use campus LAN in Osaka University, you can use the above services without login.
*On the website of Osaka University Library, the similar services are provided. →To site
Network service
GakuNin mAP Manual
NII meatmail
NII FileSender

Reserch support service
Japan Science and Technology Agency researchmap
atWare Shibosuke Manual
NII NII GakuNin e-Learning Moodle Manual

About adding new service (SP)

If you require adding of new service which join in GakuNin (SP), please contact us as follows:


Note: You need some site license agreement to use the service (SP) which was written "en, require_license" in the "Notes" column of the SP list .

Management policy


Contact us (Availabie in Japanese only)

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